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Whose Is a Democracy Anyways? by Pracherine


Crowley: I’m not talking to you. I´m talking to them. The average Demon. Because I feel their pain. It must have been difficult, with their loving King so cruelly taken from you. I imagine you felt all itsy. and then along came – The Brute. She´s strong, and a Knight, and immortal. At the moment. So I’m not surprised that some of my more idiotic subjects bought her line…..It´s a Campaign. Hearts and minds, that´s what´s important. So the Demons have a choice. Take orders from The World’s Angriest Ginger, and that’s saying something. Or join my team, where everyone gets a say, a virgin and all the entrails they can eat. So – think on this, lads, spread the word.

This speech delivered by the former ‘king of hell’ Crowley not just marks a beginning of the first ever election campaign in Hell but also got me to look at both heaven and hell in a political way. One cannot help but draw important real world parallels in supernatural and today’s politics. Looking at both heaven and hell we come to look at some amazing conclusions about the kind of political systems in place in these very important locations in the show.
So let’s look at heaven shall we? Heaven functions more or less like an autocracy (i.e. a dictatorship). God, here can be seen as an autocrat around whom the entire country of heaven runs. He decided the laws and he is the one who decides the punishments. God has a handful of advisers/sons whom we all know as the ‘archangels’.
These guys are responsible of carrying out all of God’s orders. Like any autocracy the whim of the ruler is the rule/law of the land. This is held scared by everyone and anyone who questions the authority is either sent to prison or cast out (for example: Lucifer).
But like any classic autocracy it has a classic machinery of bureaucrats that makes these systems work. The advisers/sons are run this bureaucracy.  These bureaucrats are ordered as per hierarchy. Most of the time the bureaucracy is organized in a military form and here we can see that heaven’s angels are referred to as soldiers of God and the entire bureaucracy is referred as the garrison. The angels are given certain functions which come down as a word of God. (Hmmm what does this remind us of ….ooh yes the monarchy….most kings wanted their subjects to believe that the kings were ordained by God to rule them). The angels are expected to show undying respect for authority and never question their given orders.


All of this goes well until one day God just decides to get up and leave his kingdom. This is when the s***t hits the fan and the entire kingdom of heaven falls into utter chaos. This descent into chaos does not happen overnight. At first the advisers/sons try to run the show on God’s given orders but then that does not hold strong when Castiel (let’s just say he is your rebel) rises up and questions the authority of the written word of god.


Now since god is not here to explain his own word there is chaos. That’s when there descend into complete chaos of heaven begins. I think it is completely achieved when Michael the second in command is captured and thrown in with his brother/ruler of hell Lucifer in the cage. After this many warlords or warring factions try to take over. These include prominently Raphael and Castiel (which both tried to become God in their own ways) Naomi and many others.




This is very similar to what happened to China between 1916 and 1928, this was right after the last emperor Pai abdicated his throne, or France is also a similar example (except for the beheading part). France was thrown into anarchy after the Monarchy came to a bloody end. In a similar to French scene with Napoleon who was another dictator that rose after chaos after the revolution, Metatron takes over to try and instill some order. But similar napoleon, he is trying to take over power and kill his enemies and tries to take over with brute force.
The Great Escapist

Now let’s move on to the other location or country HELL. What can is say? One can expect that since the place is called hell will be well like hell. But what if I told you that surprise surprise!! That hell actually seems closer to a democracy than heaven. In fact it is very similar to modern day America, Lucifer creates his own country hell. He becomes the ruler of heaven after going against his father / former ruler God. He questions God’s authority or the word of God. Then we have this Hell’s leader leads the revolution but captured by the opposite faction (aka heaven).
But then there’s no chaos or anything in hell in fact it continues to function perfectly well without its leader. Yellow eyes (Demon) takes over and tries to release their captive leader.
Then after his demise Lilith takes over and manages to free the leader.
The leader or Satan after his release takes over and tries to fight a war with the forces of heaven. He loses the battle again and is captured or thrown into the same cage as the leader of opposition (Michael). Then after the leader untimely demise or recapture hell is taken over by Crowley who titles himself as ‘King of hell’.
After Crowley is captured by the Winchester brothers, Abbadon, a dictatorial servant of the earlier leader takes over.
Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 04.57.17
However it is quite impressive by the way in which the business in hell is never interrupted. There is no chaos as such. The transfer of power is in hell most of the time is done with minimal bloodshed.
And now they’ve election their first official election. I say first election cos I believe that heaven has seen an almost peaceful change of power many time.


Road Trip – Awards

So…watching the new episode of supernatural, “Road Trip”, after this long (long!) hiatus for the first (and second, and third) time, we decided to be extra generous (getting a shot of your favorite drug after a month of withdrawal has that effect) and give away some awards.

The choices are strictly our personal ones. If you have suggestions of your own, bring´em on!

1. Best Scene of the Episode

Sam, casting Gadreel out


2. Surprise Element of the Episode


Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 04.51.03

3. Asshole of the Episode

Metatron (he´s a real keeper, isn´t he!)


4. World´s Angriest Ginger (copyright: Crowley)



5. Cas Fangirl of the Episode (or season? or show?)



6. Best Hip Hop Moment

Cas´ new ride (even if it stopped inexplicably)

road trip cas car

7. Best Dean and Cas Moment



8.Possession Of The Day

Red Smoke! Hot!


9. Loss Of The Day

Sorry, Sammygirls…


10. Worry Of The Day

Cas. Oh, Cas.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 05.14.59

11. Ruined Bromance Of The Day

*no words*


12. Punch Of The Day

Cas. OH, CAS!!!


13. Caress Of The Day

Dean. And Baby. Obviously the last OTP left.


14. Odd Couple Of The Day

Cas and Crowley. Cas and Crowley? Yes, Cas and Crowley!


14.Back Stab Of The Day

Gadreel…and just when I thought there was still hope.


15. Angry Angel Of The Day

Cas! Ohhhhhhhhhh, Cas!


16. Worst Bad Luck Of The Day

Gadreel´s vessel…but then – the guy said Yes twice!?!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 05.10.29

17. Saddest Joke Of The Day

Dean: “A Demon and an Angel walk into my brother. Sounds like a bad joke.”


18. Man Of The Hour

Cas. oh. OH. OHHHH Cas!


19. Campaign Of The Day

Crowley! Long Live the King…Vote Crowley!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 05.13.14


Bildschirmfoto 2014-01-16 um 05.17.41

*at a loss of words*

*therefore ending this*

*for now*