9×22 Stairway to Heaven…pictures and quotes

9x22 aoure such an angel

Gadreel becomes more likeable by the episode…he´s very much like Cas in season 4!

9x22 ..and i hate your face

Tyrus:”I hear you´re losing…And I hate your face!”

Don´t we all…


9x22 but its home!

I hear ya, Tyrus…

9x22 ive got a plan!

The importance of iconic clothing. Metatron, you´re trying too hard…


9x22 i hate men like you

Oh, you´re sooo right, Dean…no one like you out there.. *Deangirl heart doing sommersaults*

9x22 thank you dean

Dean: We´ve got  history.

Tessa: Yeah..I remember our meet, Cute.You were dying.

Dean: Good old times…


9x22 dean..always with the b-grad..

Well, M…”ASSTIEL”? Seriously…what grade would that be? And again..Trying too hard, man!

9x22 mother theresa

No Nobel Prize out there for you, Metatron…unless there is one for Douchebaggery?

9x22 in love with humanity

hmm..maybe only PARTS of humanity 😉

9x22 monopoly

Somebody please wipe that smirk off M´s face..or I might accidentally hurt some innocent actor..

.9x22 you asked for our trust

Cas: No…I can´t. *no words*

9x22 you gave up an entire army

so..some tender moments of humanity…

before it all goes down. I can´t even…

Someone scratch me off the floor, PLEASE!

9x22 end dean


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