9×21 King of the Damned – an episode in pictures

Again, I skipped an episode, not randomly though…after watching 9×20 “Bloodlines” for the first few times, I was very ready to give my opinion on the episode, the way CW squeezed the promotion for a coming spin off into the SPN story line (or rather – not, as it didn´t fit into it at all), or how trying to understand your own products and what fandom loves in them might actually be helpful when you´re promoting new shows. But, well, our days on earth are counted, and I seriously didn´t want to waste more time on things I DON`T like to talk about, risking an upset stomach and a headache. It´s far more satisfying to babble on about the things we love and adore, right? Which, finally, brings me to this week´s episode…”King of the Damned”. Supernatural back to …well, “normal” wouldn´t cut it, so…supernatural.

Many story lines are wide open, and we´re three episodes to the Finale – so, what does the Supernatural universe do? It opens a new one. But let´s start at the beginning…

Angel War – as in : angels against angels. The battle between Metatronists and Castiel´s Guerilla Army goes into the next round…and reaches a new level reminding of the Cold War back in the good old 60s. Spies, interrogation rooms, impressive blinking lights on huge walls showing a map of the world: very much James Bond/John Le Carré. And of course, SPN has a sexy leader/agent to provide…

9x21 Is that Him

“Him”, is Castiel, whose entry was a nice reference to classic movies (the sound of the nearing steps! cut! Ezra´s frightened face! cut! A dark outline of “HIM” in the doorframe! cut!). Castiel without his wings might not be as impressive as he was in his very first appearance, but still..he IS a warrior, and he can look like it (even if Dean will call him a “weird, dorky little man” in the next episode…).

Castiel, or his very determined followers, have created a well organized system it seems…and the leader against his will runs with it, a little reluctantly, but with a purpose. We know from earlier seasons that didn´t go too well with Castiel before. (*dread*).

9x21 commander?

For his purpose, he needs interrogation experts…and well, he happens to know one. Dean might have begged him before not to send him on this road – but times have changed, blades have appeared, and Dean seems pretty ready to do whatever it takes to get information out of Ezra, the captured Metatronist.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-07 um 05.55.29

But there is still Sam, the Voice Of Reason. And a skilled interrogator himself, using a slightly different approach though. The following scene of the brothers taking Ezra apart by making fun of him was, for me at least, crueler than many of the bloody slicing/slaying/killing activities the Winchesters have been in so far. And, at the same time, it was hilarious to watch Sam and Dean work , a well oiled war machine even if the weapon they used was only words – and facial expressions.

9x21 and what would you be doing?

9x21 it sucks to be you!

It sucks to be you, Ezra: yes, it does. Sam hasn´t said anything that cruel to anyone but Dean so far. Interesting. Well, and there´s the part about Ezra, the fan. The FAN.

9x21 he´s a fan

Which was, again, hilarious and a little disturbing. As fans, we were sitting on Ezra´s chair here, I guess…fandom, back to the cliché of the crazy obsessive screaming stalker girl (man/angel, whatever)? Honestly, I thought we had left that behind after the fantastic “Fangasm” book. Well, it´s sadly true there actually ARE fans like the ones Dean and Sam (or was it Jensen and Jared?) refer to exist, and probably not few of them. But as the crazy, obsessive, NON-screaming and pretty realistic fangirl I am, I felt a little slapped in my face…or, let´s say, on my hand. Well, J2 ´s perfect acting compensated me for the tiny itch somewhere inside my heart. Seriously, their faces? Sam´s airquotes? Can it get any better?

So…back to our story lines. Crowley is back. Wait, no…THE KING. Battered and still humanized, but very royal indeed.

9x21 yo!

I say: “YO!”

Enter scene:  Abaddon – the Queen to be (well, we´ll see about that). Sexy, smart as hell (literally), well organized, the gorgeous queen of redheads and black leather outfits.

9x21 Abaddon

Of course, she plays a game of her own, and wants Crowley to be on board rather than have him throw a Winchester on steroids at her any time. And that´s how we come to meet Gavin, Crowley´s son, who seems a little slow and dumb witted at first, but a match to his father in ambition and twisted thinking later on…not as smart, and not refined by almost three hundred years of demon life of course.

9x21 three inches of willy

It might have been a questionable choice, but in the end, Crowley´s deal gave us the sexy quick-witted King of Hell we all need (right?)…and an endless source of remarkable quotes

.9x21 pigeon

9x21 king o hell

Crowley sends the Winchesters on their way to fetch the Blade – and yes, where else would he hide it but in a corpse!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-07 um 07.00.56

Sam heroically retreats the slimy Blade, not trusting Dean any more (and what does that remind us of…wait…knife…demon blood…trust issues..). And comes to realize it was guarded by more than a dead man´s intestines…meet Juliette, one of Crowley´s darlings.

9x21 juliette1

Her master´s voice reins her in, and the Winchesters are headed to Cleveland, the Humboldt Hotel (“Penthouse, of course” – oh, Crowley…), to “off” Abaddon. Which gives me a reason to insert a little Baby Appreciation once more…Enjoy the Impala in interesting angles…

9x21 baby

And now, the drama, as Crowley will call it later, starts. Cause Dean blatantly lies to Sam about some demons roaming the hotel..to get him out of the way. And as fast as Sam might be in realizing he has (once again) been  played, he almost misses the good part of the show…

9x21 a boy and his blade

That´s how Abaddon, the  smart, ambitious, determined, skilled queen-to-be, stumbles over  her own arrogance. Many have already made the mistake of underestimating the Winchesters (ask Crowley!), and have paid dearly for it. Well, pride comes before the fall as they say…R.I.P., Abaddon! May your awesome T-shirt be with you forever…

Back to Crowley and the boys…Abaddon has left Crowley deprived of his powers by shooting him Henry Winchester style; and as soon as he´s got rid of the bullet with the devils´trap engraved in it, he´s back to playing the Winchesters again (well, he´s Crowley, feelings or not).

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-07 um 07.15.24

Quote Crowley: “I´ll cheer the day when the last trace of humanity leaves me…feelings!”

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-07 um 07.15.14

And of course, he choses to change history by saving his son from drowning on the boat he was meant to sail to The New World with…and there we have our new story line! Season 10, here we go!

While we poor tormented spn-addicts are still stuck in the huge mess called Winchester family life. Another domestic scene between the brothers (in the Impala, where else would it take place?), and another example of mis-communication the Winchesters seem so brilliantly capable of (and don´t we all relate to them in that…).

9x21 dean´s speech- i knew

Dean, explaining his new self.

9x21 why dont we store the blade...

Sam, talking about his fears, and choosing the path of reason.

Sam: Why don´t we store the Blade somewhere distant, lock it up somewhere safe…OK?
Dean: ….No.”

Dean, retreating into his shell.

We´ve seen it all. And it still hurts, each time they do it…again.

The one big clamp holding the brothers together, humanity, seems on the line again…

“We keep each other human”… It will be up to Sam this time, I guess, to prove that motto right. Because Dean, the so far almost untarnished fountain of humanity, is on a fast way to ..something else. And Crowley´s face when watching him slay Abaddon was no good sign where and what  “something else” might be.

9x21 dean


Sam, I trust you with all of what´s left of my tortured Deangirl heart to save my hero!




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