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9×19: Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann – An episode in pictures

So, we have reached episode 19 of season 9, which means we are nearing the Finale with giant steps (be prepared – SOMMER HIATUS is nigh! start airing your hare shirts…). and…yes, there was an episode last week too, I know…but it started with THIS…dean showering
…which were, after three weeks of shower hellatus, the maybe most re-watched seconds of SPN history…
shower hellatus 3 eckig
The first seconds kind of evaporated (no pun intended) my desire to make further screenshots (and I had already made approximately 1000 in those few seconds…speak of seconds that count!), so I just skipped it (sorry…).
Now, time to come out of the shower, and let´s look at the first episode dominated by FEMALE characters. Yes, female. A nice contrast to the manly men Winchester universe – although, honestly, what I saw were human beings equally haunted by their pasts, by guilt, fears, and a helpless love for those around them despite the scars of a shared history. In the end, we want to see deep, interesting, nuanced characters, right? And if in a show that stars two male lead characters, in an action centered road movie – ish kind of story, only few female characters live up to that – well, what did you expect? But now, let´s get started…

9x19 you boys ar a sight

Yes, Jody, I totally agree…and is it only me or do the Boys become better looking with every episode?

9x19 i got something to show you

So, Baby got a cousin in the police force. Very respectable…

9x19 sounds like a nest

Words and their connotations…and their spn connotations…

9x19 they grow up so fast

The Boys teaching and proudly seeing their students prevail…nice!

9x19 vampiric stockholm syndrome

Jodie didn´t only learn how to gank monsters from Dean…

9x19 his name is cody

Dean, serious. And ATTENTION…ATTENTION…ATTENTION…subtle reminder of the brothers´story line in season 9…

9x19 ma family weird?

Weird? Hells yes. They are practically the Benders on a Vampiric trip.


Short insert: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this reference…and for all of you who didn´t understand it (CAS DID!): GO! WATCH!!! NOW!!!!

9x19 look at me bitch

AAAAAAAND here we go. The One-liner of the episode (they make fun of it at the end, yes they do…gotta love this show). It has, in my opinion, the potential to succeed  against classics like…say…”Here´s looking at you, kid.”

9x19 baby

And no, nobody put Baby in a corner. On the contrary..she got staged perfectly! Thank you director and camera…I suspect you of loving this car as much as I do…


Dean is definitely NOT putting on his hare shirt for enjoying beheading creepy vamps who killed who-knows-how-many humans over the years. Might or might not be the mark.

Sam is frowning. A lot. And accusing Dean of enjoying…oh, right. You know what I  mean. He still looks good doing so, which kind of soothes the annoying touch.

Jodie is offering deep insights and telling important truths (LISTEN, BOYS! – but, alas, when have they ever…)

Annie learns to re-organize, re-orientate-, re-humanize, and re-consider. Many re-s for so young a girl. But she, as well as Jodie, gave an unusually hopeful end to a storyline within the dark, twisted, and painful season. Gives us hope for the Boys. And…yes. Yes, Cas, I heard you. Why, you didn´t even show in this episode!  What? ….No! ….No, you didn´t!…Exactly. I totally agree.

So, the angel …what?..Ah, Ok. The Angel-Without-Wings Castiel asks us to publish his request to the management/producers/director/writers/Alfred-the-bagel-man to let him be on the show more often. He dearly misses his Winchester(s) and suffers from severe withdrawal symptoms. What? …Ok…and he wants me to tell you he understood the reference concerning another TV-show but is not sure how “zombies” – no, I can´t do air quotes, Cas, I can only put real quote signs here –  play into the story, as everyone knows they are only fictions of the human mind.

*wipes front*

I´ll finish here for now. For further requests please use the below comment field. Yes, this includes you, Cas!